MiCO: Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean
  • What is migratory connectivity?

    Until recently, our understanding of patterns between migratory species and their interconnectivity in the world’s oceans was limited. As this migratory connectivity comes into focus, so does its ability to influence international policy and conservation efforts.

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  • Transboundary connectivity

    With the majority of their lives spent on the high seas, the migratory patterns of the near-threatened Laysan albatross connect oceanic habitats, from subtropical to sub-Arctic EEZs as well as more temperate areas in between.

    Laysan albatross

  • Management implications

    Connecting the national jurisdictions of 30+ countries across four continents and the high seas, Cory’s shearwaters encounter numerous threats from human activities during their migratory movements, presenting a complex management challenge.

    Cory's Shearwater

  • Indian Ocean green sea turtles

    Western Indian Ocean green sea turtles undertake long-range migrations between nesting and foraging sites, crossing thousands of kilometers through different countries and ecosystems and providing insight into the connectivity between remote islands and coastal waters.

    Green sea turtles

About The Project

MiCO, Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean, is developing a system that aggregates and generates actionable knowledge to support worldwide conservation efforts for numerous migratory species and the oceans on which they depend.

What is MiCO?  Who is it for?  How can it help me?

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MiCO is a Consortium

This project is a collective effort between the Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab (MGEL) of Duke University and a growing number of international partner organizations.

Consortium Partners

Consortium Data Contributors

MiCO is guided by a steering committee with three advisory panels:

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Become a Data Partner

The success of MiCO, and its ability to influence conservation outcomes, depends on our network of data holders. Learn more about how your data can further the project.

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MiCO Species

A wide variety of migratory species—including marine turtle, marine mammal, seabird, and fish—are the focus of the MiCO project’s data collection and aggregation.

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