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Terms of Use

Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean (MiCO)

Terms of Use (v1.0)

MiCO system data (nodes, corridors, or summary statistics) are provided to the public free of charge. By using the MiCO system, including viewing online tools, maps, and downloadable products, the user agrees to the following (these “Terms of Use”):

  1. Data developed for MiCO are licensed under the CC-BY sharing policy, where permission is not required from the MiCO data manager or original data provider(s) for use. Proper credit/citations are required (see below for MiCO reference).
  2. The citation of any publication, report, or product that made use of the data or tools provided by MiCO will be forwarded to the MiCO data manager ([javascript protected email address]) for inclusion in our list of references.
  3. The MiCO system developers and the original data providers are not liable for errors in the data. While we have made every effort to ensure the quality of the contributed data, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these datasets.

The following references must be included in any publication, product, or commercial application that makes use of MiCO products (nodes, corridors, or summary statistics). Additionally, an acknowledgement of the original data providers or associated references would be appreciated, but is not required.

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Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean (MiCO). Highly migratory marine species nodes and corridors, developed with data contributed to MiCO. Available from the MiCO System Version 1.0. MiCO. https://mico.eco. Accessed MM/DD/YYYY.